Why I Work With My Head In The Clouds

Why I Work With My Head In The Clouds

Many people may ask themselves why a girl from a rural background would want to build a career in communications industry, especially in the Satellite Industry. From a very young age I had an interest in how things worked, but also fixing things that went wrong, solving problems etc. I spent many weekends working alongside family members doing just this, whether it was helping my dad repair a lorry or wiring the extension on the house. This developed further at school into a deeper interest into electronics, and I soon knew electronics was where I wanted to focus my work. And I am sure many engineers have similar stories.

Following several failed applications into electronics companies I found myself working at a satellite communications company. At this time I really only worked with a VSAT product, installing and completing maintenance on the equipment, but due to increasing demands for companies to monitor more assets remotely, the product lines soon grew and with it my skills and knowledge.

Soon I was talking with people across the globe, helping design and implement a range of satellite modems, antennas and backhaul connectivity that suited and could resolve the issues they had. Historically, monitoring equipment like wind turbines and sewage works, located in the remotest of areas, from the comfort of a cosy office appeared to be impossible and extremely expensive, but the need was ever growing. Nevertheless working directly with some amazing engineers that knew the kit inside out, I was able to not only design and apply a solution but learn more and more about how other industries work.

During my career I have been fortunate to work alongside so many businesses and organisations with some extraordinary professionals. I have developed many communication systems from tracking animals to controlling UAVs, all with satellite equipment, a communication system that is located upto 36,000KM above earth- that on its own is pretty impressive.

By working on projects and with so many different people, it keeps my job interesting and challenging, no customer requirement is ever the same. I am constantly learning, technology is advancing, people’s expectations are changing and therefore the once unknown world of satellite communications is becoming more widely known and utilised. This is fantastic for science enthusiasts and engineers, as this has driven huge influential companies like Amazon and Spacex to invest, to challenge and to enhance this world, making sure it remains futuristic, which is where this technology should be and the people who work within it out of this world!

Kay Barber
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