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Kay Barber

I am the founder and CEO of Satellite Insight Ltd, providing consultancy and technical guidance for satellite communication solutions. Throughout my 15 years within the communications industry I have worked alongside many of the satellite providers, including Iridium, Inmarsat and Eutelsat, to identify and install many optimised satellite solutions.

Although I am based in the UK I have successfully supported clients globally in a wide range of markets, including utilities, renewables and governments to identify, design and implement the best satellite communication systems for their requirements. Drawing on my wealth of knowledge, and expertise alongside the large networks of industry professionals, I am perfectly positioned to independently assist satellite providers, manufacturers and end users alike.

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Satcoms are out of this world!

Who hasn’t imagined or played at being an astronaut floating through space, growing up?

Through the power of pretend you can be transported to outer space, that in the not so distant future, will be accessible to people here on earth. This is thanks to the imagination and vision of many professionals working in the satellite industry, that as a result of having their heads in the clouds the once pretend games of childhood are becoming a reality.

Shooting for the Stars

As Spacegirl I want to take everyone on a journey through space and time, making satcom technology more accessible to those in the industry, those who use SatCom solutions and enthusiasts who enjoy keeping ahead of the curve.

I am a passionate revolutionary who will give you a fresh and innovative view on the satellite industry. This technology truly is ground-breaking, not just for businesses, but for the world at large.

Watch This Space(girl): I will be flying into key industry events and posting pearls of wisdom on social media and the Satellite Insight blog, so watch this space!

Check out the latest from Spacegirl here or find out more about our expertise here.

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