Satellite Connectivity – Addressing the Digital Divide

Satellite Connectivity – Addressing the Digital Divide

Satellite connectivity is no longer the last resort for providing reliable and affordable solutions to all manor of industries and there are numerous offerings available that are helping to tackle the global digital divide. 

High-quality broadband connectivity is vital to economic growth and social cohesion. Development in providing not just the basic of connections but also higher throughputs to many across the globe are slowly taking shape, supported by ongoing modernisation of fixed and mobile networks. Despite this fact and the advancements in recent times, there are still so many who experience poor, slow and unreliable connectivity. In order to continue addressing these issues and provide essential services co-operation and collaboration across all connectivity technology is essential. 

Satellite broadband, messaging and IOT solutions have a vital role to play in increasing the reach and resilience of connectivity, enabling easy remote access for all. 

I have seen a positive trend in requirements being addressed primarily with Satellite. Now many may have already invested in the infrastructure and are just utilising and expanding upon a solution that has proven its worth, but an increasing number are new to implementing this technology having seen the benefits it has already brought and will continue to bring. 

Investments in 5G and full fibre connectivity will eventually provide higher speeds, but will it be reliable and when will it truly be available/ useable even in the UK?

Satellite connectivity is already available with plans underway to upgrade, update and continue to supply services globally. 

Satellite already is a player in providing IOT connectivity and therefore  should be top of the list for terrestrial and cellular providers designing solutions that require to fill coverage holes. These satellite operators, through the advancements of their IOT offerings can maintain and expand upon existing well established users such as aviation and maritimes. 

Alliances between old and new service providers across all technology mediums can benefit all parties. Satellite connectivity has an increasing offering in narrowing the digital divide, providing essential IOT/ IIOT services and even as a secondary solution, allowing providers to enhance and address the ever growing demand and need for connectivity for vital data collection. 

Considerations for the customer and their experience need to be taken into account as well. The value added service surrounding the satellite solution, such as device management and billing tools, can make the installation and on going management of the service easier for those responsible for maintaining the solution. It can be a huge benefit and selling tool as well. 

In the field, hardware that is easy to configure, easy to install and maintain is vital in the overall customer experience. Some customers may require a full managed service, but others may choose to to install themselves, therefore training, documentation and support should be in-depth, easy to understand and enjoyable. 

Satellite connectivity will continue to expand its pivotal role in providing connectivity globally and across a multitude of industries. Helping to grow ecosystems, provide essential services and aid in the need for data collection. Its connectivity, in alliance with others available, can help address the huge difference in digital divides and service availability for those in the most remote locations that need a reliable, cost effective connection. 

Kay Barber
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