Finding the Right Tracker for Your Tractor

Finding the Right Tracker for Your Tractor

There is an ever growing need and requirement to track valuable assets not only in the UK but globally. Historically, possibly thanks to cheap cellular connectivity and products, assets have been tracked using such technologies, however this can result in assets not being traceable when outside of cellular coverage, and therefore in the unfortunate event of the device being stolen is is not recoverable.

There are several features to look for while identifying a suitable tracker for your asset. Many trackers have been designed specifically for different types of vehicles e.g lorries, fishing boats or motorbikes, so ideally they should be the best available considering the type of the vehicle taking into account the latest innovations and developments with location based technology. 

Another important thing to consider is ‘What is the Purpose of the Tracker?’. Are you planning on tracking its routes or is it an anti-theft device? This again can impact on the type of device to install as not all devices will suit both scenarios. There is also an element of what software is required for the reliable monitoring of your asset. 

Some of the key benefits of using a tracker on assets include:

  • Enhanced vehicle security and theft recovery,
  • On-demand vehicle location
  • Fuel management resulting in reduced fuel costs,
  • Easier route planning,
  • Increased efficiency and job completion rates,
  • Driver Safety
  • Remote vehicle maintenance management, preventing costly breakdowns,
  • Lower overall costs,

As a result of increased use and popularity, technology for GPS accuracy has improved greatly over recent years. This has also driven improvements in battery and solar technology to ensure the continuation of vital tracking information over long periods of time. Improvements in battery and solar power have also meant that satellite trackers have become more discreet and useable for a wider range of applications. 

What are the key features to look for before buying a Vehicle Tracker?

  • Design and features of the tracker- making sure the tracker has features that meet your requirements for the environment the unit will be installed into,
  • On-demand Real-time tracking- having the capability to contact the device at any time and receive a timely response,
  • Location update intervals- if your asset is moving at a significant speed then a tracker will need to be capable of transmitting at a higher frequency to make sure information is kept up to date. Alternatively if your asset is not moving it may require fewer transmission which can reduce costs ,
  • Monitoring capabilities and Mobile APP- no tracking system is complete without the ability to display the information. Any location information should be easily readable on a map with simple process for adding alerts/ notifications if required,
  • International use- If your asset is likely to travel internationally make sure the tracker can as well. One of the benefits of a satellite tracker is that they can transmit globally without the concern of high roaming fees and intermittent connectivity,
  • Ongoing Costs & Support- many trackers will require regular monthly or annual fees for airtime subscriptions and software use. Keeping track of these costs should be a straightforward process and some providers can provide notifications and caps to stop run away bills. 


If a method of tracking your lorry, tractor or boat reliably has become a high priority over recent months, please contact us at Satellite Insight for more information on how we can help. 

Kay Barber
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