No portal should suck your time away

No portal should suck your time away

As someone who has used many, as well as designed, online platforms and portals to complete tasks, I know just how vital they are to the efficient running of a business. More and more companies rely on automated or easy to access services to allow them to run simple day to day tasks, therefore providing a reliable easy to use platform for customers to utilise has become an essential part of any service provider’s offerings.  

The bare minimum a service provider should be offering to all customers is a device management platform. This will allow you to provision, activate, and manage your satellite or cellular connectivity online 24/7, either one by one or large numbers of devices at a given time. It can often be vital for teams across various industries to have the ability to manage devices themselves in real time, without having to contact a support team, which may have limited operating hours, to handle a simple request.

What else could be invaluable to an end user when using an online portal?

Saving money and monitoring expenditure. This functionality is often forgotten, but providing users the ability to monitor and automatically restrict device data usage, and therefore costs, can be extremely beneficial to both customers and suppliers. 

As the world becomes more reliant on vasts amount of data and therefore the connectivity that allows that data to be transmitted, the ability for a user to create analytic reports for each of their assets is an increasing request from users. Reports can identify devices with connectivity problems or abnormal behaviour, it can be possible to improve business operations and reduce equipment outages and downtime.      

Ensuring that data and devices remain secure is of a high priority to all service providers and customers. Through an online portal users may have the ability to restrict data delivery to designated IP addresses, ranges or endpoints and vice versa for any connectivity back to a device.  This functionality can act as an additional firewall for many remote devices that could be susceptible to theft or malicious intent, and remains within the hands of the user to configure and update as required.  

Overall, an online portal can and should enhance team productivity, save money, save time, keep employees up-to-date, and enable easy access to essential information. Keeping in touch and up to date with your service provider and providing regular feedback on critical features, can ensure your business can run efficiently and effectively as possible. And if this is not a service you are receiving…………. ask them why not?

Kay Barber